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Volunteering at Vacenti

International Volunteers Day is celebrated on the 5th of December each year, National Volunteer Week is held during May and Volunteer Recognition Day is also acknowledged during this week in May. With all these events celebrating the tireless efforts of volunteers, it is clear the role of volunteers within organisations is priceless and they are valued team members here at Vacenti.

2023 saw the Lifestyle Team at Marebello host a lunch to thank volunteers for all they have contributed to our Victoria Point Team. It was a wonderful day celebrating together in the Rose Room at Marebello. A poem was read out by a Resident Representative to thank them for their time and express gratitude for all they contributed to Vacenti during the year. We had wonderful feedback about the event and the great atmosphere for volunteering at Marebello.

Our volunteers contribute by providing additional support and this allows our residents to interact and engage with various demographics. Volunteers provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences for our residents and are part of our person-centred approach to delivering care. Feedback also included the benefits of relationships created, especially friendships formed, promoting self-confidence by developing new skills and satisfaction in knowing you are giving back to a community of people.

Volunteers reported gaining an awareness of the needs of older people in residential care and described the benefits of the relationship created during their time with Residents. Furthermore, it assists in developing new skills while experiencing personal satisfaction in knowing you are giving back to a community or people. Volunteering promotes self-confidence and friendship building. Especially in the health care sector volunteers are valuable as they assist in providing personalised care to meet the needs of Residents. 

We stand apart by delivering an onboarding experience for our volunteers that includes training and orientation. We familiarise all volunteers with the Vacenti Vision and go on to provide ongoing support and further training for our volunteers. If you have always wanted to give back, we are now calling for volunteers, please see the website for further details and submit the form to express your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.