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Family Feedback

Late last year the team at Lorocco created an interview panel to appoint someone as the front receptionist of the facility. As part of the process, a family member of a resident was invited to join in on the interviews and help decide on a person who would best fit the role.

It is one-way Vacenti is moving to a more extensive framework where staff, family and our residents are working together to decide the future of aged care. This process allows a collaborative method regarding decision-making of services and care provided. Along with the new Resident Advisory Committee which has been formed in each facility for residents to lead the way on what is provided by facilities to meet their needs and preferences.

The feedback from our family member was amazing and she has allowed us to share her first-hand experience of the care provided here at Vacenti in the hope it will assist others in deciding on a facility that is suitable for a loved one.

Not only did she feel “honoured to be asked to participate in the interview and selection process of a new staff member but also expressed that the staff are an essential part of the success of the facility. I know Lorocco is a small 50-bed residential facility, but the care and support are second to none, here I have found an extended family who cares and supports me. I am proud to call them my “Lorocco Family”- Pina” 

Our Ethos at Vacenti of person-centred care extends far beyond just caring for residents, it is a holistic approach incorporating many elements to enhance residential aged care experiences not only for residents but families too. We care like family is not a slogan, it is the core principle of the organisation, and one that staff take to heart and prioritises when delivering services to all stakeholders of Vacenti.

We are looking forward to many opportunities in the future to integrate residents and families into processes, activities, and decisions at each of our facilities.