Fees and Charges

Helping you understand Aged Care Costs

Fees and Charges Explained

It is important that you acquire and understand the fees associated with aged care as it is a big decision to make. Depending on the type of care you require , the accommodation you choose and the financial situation that you are currently in will play a part in what you pay and are charged.
Our Team at Vacenti are here to help any way we can however we do recommend you seek financial advice before entering one of our residences to guide you through the process and choose the right payment option for you.

To help ensure that care is affordable for everyone, the Australian Government calculates and regulates maximum daily fees and enforces limits as to how much you can be asked to pay for accommodation.

Your fees cover the care you receive and your accommodation, and sometimes additional services. Outlined below are the fees you may be required to pay based on the aged care home and room type you are considering.



Basic Daily Fee + Means Tested Fee

What does this mean

Care fees include the Basic Daily Fee and a Means Tested Care Fee.

Basic Daily Fee

This fee is set out by the Government and equates to 85% of the full pension. The fee amount will be reviewed by the government on the 20th March and 20th September each year in line with the pension increase. Everyone in aged care is required to pay this fee unless they are experiencing financial hardship which will be determined by Centrelink.

Means Tested Care Fee

This is an additional daily care contribution fee. This fee is determined by Services Australia upon completing a means test and is capped annually and over a resident’s lifetime.

For more information on Care Fees click on the button below or go to https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/aged-care-home-costs-and-fees


Your choice of 3 fee payment options

What does this mean

In addition to care fees you may also be required to pay an accommodation payment. The accommodation payment refers to the price of the room that you choose and will vary across aged care homes. The amount that you are required to pay is based upon an individual’s assets and income and is determined by Services Australia upon completing a means test. You may be required to pay all or contribute to the cost of your accommodation. The means test is not compulsory to complete, but for those who choose not to you will be required to pay the full room price.

DAP – Daily Accommodation Payment

Instead of paying for your accommodation as a lump sum you can choose to pay a daily fee. The amount you pay is based on a daily rate; as agreed with your service provider in line with the current MPIR (maximum permissible interest rate).

RAD – Refundable Accommodation Deposit

This option is a lump sum accommodation payment. The balance of the deposit is refunded when you leave the aged care home less any amounts you have agreed to have deducted.

RAD / DAP – Combination Payment

Part refundable accommodation (RAD) deposit and part daily accommodation payment (DAP); with the part Refundable Accommodation Deposit being refunded when you leave the aged care home.

For more information on accommodation types click on the button below or go to https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/aged-care-home-costs-and-fees


Servizi Premium Service

What does this mean

Vacenti offers additional services called Servizi. We offer a Premio package and a Valore package, these packages include a variety of services to benefit a resident’s well-being. Services included in these packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements, our Servizi Concierges work with residents on an ongoing basis to determine the suitability of services provided, they can opt residents in or out of services determined by various factors. Services can include Foxtel, outings, newspapers, theatre trips, massage therapy, companion service and many more.

For more information on our Additional Servizi Services click below.