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Aged Care Employee Day 2023

Aged Care Employee Day was celebrated at all facilities during 2023 to show appreciation to staff, for all they do for the organisation. We look forward to again thanking staff on Employee Appreciation Day, International Nurses Day and Aged Care Employee Day during 2024. To acknowledge Aged Care Employee Day Vacenti’s HR Manager, George Chukwukezie posted the following message to our employees. 

“At Vacenti, we say ‘our staff are our most valuable resource’ and today, we celebrate a group of extraordinary employees who embody dedication, empathy, enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to our lovely residents – our exceptional Vacenti Care Employees! As we celebrate this special day, I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to every single employee at Vacenti.

We recognize the vital role that you play in the lives of our residents. Your tireless efforts, empathy, and kindness make an incredible difference, not only in the care you provide but also in the smiles you bring to the faces of our residents. Your role extends beyond fulfilling your job responsibilities; you are a part of the Vacenti family and also care for our residents like family.

Thank you for being amazing and happy Aged Care Employee Day!” – George Chukwukezie