Clinical Care

Our Commitment to you

Specialist Care

Our values of PERSON underpin all care and services, even when residents require extra special care. This is our continued philosophy for residents living with dementia, those who are being supported through a palliative phase and residents with highly complex clinical needs. Throughout all of our homes across all areas, 53% of residents are living with a diagnosis of dementia, only 18% of these residents living in a secure environment.  PERSON in practice means; we Personalise care, we Empathise with the person, we Respond in the right way for that person, we Strive for the person, we Own what we do, and we Never give up for that person. In partnership with specialist care providers and residents, we manage a range of complex requirements across our homes that include catheters, stomas, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG), vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) dressings, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC), breathing support and complex wounds

Clinical Development

We are passionate and committed to continuous learning and development. Our online learning management system Vacenti Max (VMax), bridges from the national Altura Learning platform. We use VMax to host our own learning content as well as content sourced from Altura, which also forms a suite of mandatory staff courses. Our management teams can enrol staff in courses at any time and monitor completion rates. VMax also allows the employee to have an online learning platform at their fingertips, where they can explore, enrol and learn through Altura and Vacenti content as they wish.

Medication Management

Vacenti partners with Choice Aged Care, a professional service provider to residential and community aged care providers encompassing ~35,000 care recipients. Choice Aged Care is owned and managed by Michael Bonner, Clinical Pharmacist. We have a strong relationship with Michael and his team who regularly visit our homes and residents, consult with our GP’s provide education to our clinical team and support us in research initiatives. Through Choice Aged Care we use a benchmarking service which delivers vital continuous quality improvement data that relates to clinical indicators and medication management.