New Development


We are excited to begin our new Vacenti site at Cleveland , here you can see our regular updates on how it is progressing.

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February 2024

Work on site has resumed after the festive season holiday break and the recent wet weather. The impact of the recent wet weather has slowed some facets of the project, and although all attempts are being made to recoup the lost time the net result of the recent and ongoing wet weather coupled with the general industry headwinds facing projects such as ours is that unfortunately our project’s forecast completion date has extended out to just beyond mid-2025.  

We have now poured all of the Level 1 floor slabs and are erecting formwork for the Level 2 slabs. The next two sections of the level 2 floor represent the end of the high-volume deck pours which require the early starts and multiple large concrete pumps and at this stage, they will be poured on or about the 15th of March 2024 and 29th of April 2024 respectively.  As with previous pours, traffic controllers will be on Waterloo Street and Doig Street to control vehicle and pedestrian movements throughout the day. We remain very cognisant of these early starts’ potential to inconvenience and disrupt adjoining property owners and residents, particularly in the multi-level unit developments. The patience extended to Vacenti and Marjon Constructions, both to date and ongoing is greatly appreciated and means we be complete on-site and welcome our residents into care at the earliest possible date. Further updates will be given for pours on the remaining 3 levels and rooftop slabs as we advance through the level 2 deck.

Work is also continuing in the basement level with mechanical and fire sprinkler works well underway and nearing completion so other trades can follow them down there. Work on the retail levels will commence in due course as back propping can be removed. Most trades have now been let and procurement and finishes selections are either complete or well advanced.

October 2023

Construction continues at our Cleveland site and progress has been made since our May update.



May 2023

Work on site continues apace. The excavation phase of the project has now concluded, and concrete works are underway. Wet weather has had a minimal impact on the so far and it is hoped the dry days and cool nights continue. Preparations to pour basement slabs have commenced with the first basement slab set down to be poured on the 8th of June with the 12th as the backup pour date. A permit from RCC has been secured on the basement pour dates to set up earlier than normal as the amount of concrete involved is substantial. Traffic controllers will be on Waterloo Street to control vehicle and pedestrian movements throughout the day. 

While there could be some inconvenience associated with these big basement pours, it should be minor when compared to the impact of the alternative of 6-8 weeks of driving piles. Concrete works in the basement should be concluded on or about late August whereupon works will progress to ground level. The tower crane is scheduled for installation in mid-June with traffic control involved there again.

April 2023

Excavation in progess

The project remains in its excavation phase with weather disruptions continuing to disrupt operations off site at dump site and would be around 75-80% complete at time of update. Upcoming holiday break will also impact operations.

The concrete spraying of the basement retention walls is nearing completed at 85% . This allows the foundation raft slab design to be completed ready to start those operations.

The temporary sewer pumps station and diversion is in place and operating and work has commenced on the upgrade to the Redlands City Council sewer main which runs through our property.

Despite the general construction industry tightness, quite a few subcontractors have been secured since the last update with at least one key contract being filled by a local Cleveland contractor.

February 2023

Excavation in progess

Work is now complete on the upgrades to Redland City Council watermain assets along Doig Street and Waterloo Street . Additionally, relocation works are also complete to underground all Energex overhead services and communication cables on these frontages of our property in line with Redland City Councils Development Application requirements allowing work to continue apace.

Whilst these service upgrades were being undertaken the drilled piling operators have moved around the perimeter undertaking the basement shoring retention system allowing the project to transition into its excavation phase approximately 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, weather has disrupted operations off site at dump site and a week has been lost. We have an additional excavator and trucks on the rounds to make up time and currently consider excavation and truck movements to be in the order of 25% complete after which the basement walls will be completed.

The temporary sewer pumps station and diversion will be in place next month allowing the excavation to be completed and the upgrade to the Redlands City Council sewer main which runs through our property. Also worth noting is that it is now not anticipated that any driven piles will be incorporated in the building foundation layout which will minimise any nuisance to adjoining property owners and their tenants.
Demand for subcontractors and construction raw materials remains high in the building sector. However, despite these headwinds we remain committed to the project and to providing the Redlands with a vibrant new commercial precinct with increased parking, all supporting a innovative residential age care model with up the minute finishes services and facilities not seen in the area before.

4 April 2022

Letter drops conducted

Letter drops have been conducted around direct neighbouring properties giving additional information and confirming contact details.
Works have commenced on upgrades to Redland City Council infrastructure outside site boundaries. To facilitate these works both the Waterloo & Doig  Street footpath and verge areas will be closed. The Doig Street closure is temporary until RCC and Energex assets have been upgraded. Permits are in place to restrict access to and excavate these areas. Pedestrian traffic diversions inclusive of signage are in place on both streets.

On site, recent rain events have impacted scheduled works as expected. To date  additional geotechnical exploration has been conducted to provide final design guidance. Basement  retention works are set to commence in the weeks before Easter with bulk excavation on the car park/basement soon after.

23 March 2022

Soil Turning Ceremony

Vacenti CEO Julian Casagrande and members of the Advisory Board and Vacenti team were present on site to officially conduct the soil turning ceremony and name the newest addition to the Vacenti Family Homes. Sorrento by Vacenti

March 2022

New Development at Cleveland

The carpark has been closed and work has commenced on site at Cleveland. The site is now fenced and  site clearing well under way. Sweeping will continue as well as water spraying where required to control any dust and nuisance

 In the next few weeks works to upgrade Redlands City Council water infrastructure will be completed by Marjon Constructions Waterloo and Doig Streets. Details on temporary arrangements for pedestrians access will be provided before work on these footpath work get under way. As watermain upgrades are completed this will allow us Marjon constructions t0 replace all the overhead powerlines along our property relocating them underground for Energex.


 Works will then commence on or about 21st March to install the basement retention walls allowing the excavation stage of the project to commence. Planned haulage routes and diagrams will be posted before that next phase commences. The majority of the existing carpark pavements will remain in place to assist in any water run off quality until the basement retention is completed and the digging gets under way.


December 2021

New Development at Cleveland

  • 5 levels plus rooftop garden and multiuse areas.
  • Secure basement and ground level carparking.
  • Private lounges and common spaces throughout.
  • Outdoor spaces, balconies and gardens.
  • Café and retail shops on ground floor.
  • Ensuites and kitchenettesin all rooms.