Learning Hub

In order high quality care & support

Supporting Education and Training is Important to Vacenti

In order to be ‘work ready’ to provide high quality care and support we wanted to develop a program which supported resident confidence that new staff supporting them in care and services were confident, capable, skilled and caring. The Learning Hub brings together in a safe training space, 4 common environments or ‘Zones’ found in every Vacenti home; Dining, bedroom, ensuite and utility room. These zones have been developed to appear and function just like the environments found within a Vacenti home. Simulating care activities throughout each of these zones allows the new staff member to learn, apply and practice various concepts related to resident care and services. These activities include learning how we might safely support residents of differing needs through their dining service, care in the bedroom and bathroom, as well as how then we could manage linen, waste and cleaning in these spaces.


Our Learning Hub

All new staff to Vacenti undertake this orientation, irrespective of role or department they work. Staff are taken through aspects of attention to detail and understanding the personal preferences of each individual we support in our homes. Our PERSON centred values are reiterated in each training scenario and activity. The Learning Hub is equipped with relevant supplies and equipment for countless scenarios, and also houses mechanical lifting equipment for our on site Physiotherapist to provide one on one manual handling training to each new employee. In many scenarios, staff are paired in order to perform care activities to one another which includes mobilising, assistance with eating, modified fluids and lifting each other with mechanical lifting equipment. This allows all employees a greater understanding of how a resident might feel during care and services and how deeply important it is to Personalise, Empathise, Respond, Strive, Own it and Never give up.

Education & Coaching

The Learning Hub is not only for orientation of new employee’s. It is also used for education and coaching of clinical staff in complex clinical aspects of care. Our Geriatric Manikin is used to simulate many common nursing procedures and is invaluable in providing a safe space for new and graduate nurses to learn, apply and practice their skills. The Learning Hub is used for filming of educational videos and briefings, which have more recently been related to infection control in a care environment and a video briefing for the Vacenti COVID-19 Surge Workforce. The Learning Hub allows us to film simulation of activities in a realistic environment that is relevant to all staff in all homes, irrespective of department or role.

Vacenti also has strategic alliances with external organisations such as hospitals, TAFE and Universities to provide the latest industry information and innovative ideas. We participate in research projects and actively seek better ways of doing things.

We have a Clinical Graduate Program which supports recently graduated registered staff. We provide them with on-the-job skills to complement their theoretical knowledge. We also partner with local universities and TAFE QLD to host student placements.