Respite Care

We care like Family

What is Respite Care?

Residential respite care is 24/7 care in a residential aged care home for a short period of time. At Vacenti Respite residents have care around the clock and also have the opportunity to participate in activities during your stay, and enjoy freshly cooked meals. Respite residents live alongside current Vacenti residents, which helps to foster connections and ensure that they feel part of our community.

Why choose respite care?

Vacenti offers a Respite care option should carers need need to take a break. It’s important that carers taken Regular breaks  to look after their own health and wellbeing.

Residential respite care may also be an option for people who are transitioning from a hospital stay before moving back home or into a permanent placement in an aged care home. Additionally, some carers use respite care as a way to trial residential aged care living at Vacenti or help loved ones transition in as a permanent residency with us.

How to apply for residential respite care.

To enter respite care you must have respite approval granted by the Australian Government by obtaining an ACAT assessment (or ACAS in Victoria). The government approves up to 63 days per financial year of respite care per person which can be taken over the course of the year.

Once approved, please contact our client relations team on 07 3422 9300 or fill out form below and we will help any way we can. Our team will speak with you about your individual circumstances and encourage you to come in for a tour to familiarise yourself with our home and to meet our team.

I am not sure what residential respite fees are?

A Basic Daily care fee is charged to Respite residents each day for the length of their stay. The basic daily care fee is determined by the Australian Government and is reviewed twice yearly.

If you would like more information on fees and charges click below.

Feel safe, secure, respected

Everyone can feel “at home”, content and comfortable in our clean, safe and secure homes.  We respect each person’s cultural, lifestyle and spiritual differences and support every resident to maintain their own identity, dignity, interests and privacy.

Respite Summary

  1. Undertake an ACAT/ACAS assessment for your loved one.
  2. Call 07 3422 9300 to speak with our client relations team about your needs.
  3. Book a tour at one of our Residences
  4. Our Team will go through documentation, dates, and signing
  5. Move in on the agreed arrive date.