Palliative Care

We care like Family

Our Palliative Care Approach

At Vacenti we aim to improve the quality of life for residents who have a life-limiting illness and to support their families.  The focus of a palliative approach is on comfort and maintaining the quality of life so that residents can live as well as possible in an atmosphere of care and support.

We focus on the prevention and relief of suffering through early identification, assessment and treatment of pain and other problems – physical, psychosocial and spiritual.

Support for you and those closest to you.

At Vacenti we have specialised health and social care professionals who can provide you and those closest to you with information and support.

“We care like Family” is important to Vacenti so we are dedicated to providing 24/7 palliative care including keeping you informed, listening and providing what you need.

Our passionate care team are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to ensuring a dignified end-of-life.


Our Commitment and Support

At Vacenti we understand that each person with dementia has unique needs. Our Team are dedicated to working with each person and their families to develop tailor-made programs that assist the person to be all they can be, identifying what the person can do, rather than what they can’t do.

We encourage people living with dementia to take part in meaningful activities and take on roles in their community where staff prepare the environment so it is easier to navigate and relieves stress.