The Vacenti Lifestyle

Everyday life in your new home

Becoming part of the Vacenti Family

It’s important to us at Vacenti that you continue to live your life the way that you choose. You shouldn’t have to give up your lifestyle or your passions just because you are now in an aged care home.

We have a range of activites and services that can help you stay engaged, if you have particular interests, hobbies or daily routines that are important to you then we are here to support you any way we can , not to mention introducing new activities that you may enjoy.

Daily Activities

When you arrive at our homes, our Lifestyle team will spend some time getting to know you, your interests, and your hobbies. We can then use this information to make sure we have activities that you can participate in and experience whether that be on your own or in a group.

All our activities are designed to stimulate your senses and help develop new friendships including singing, workshops, bingo, movie sessions, exercises, and puzzles.

Freshly made Food

At Vacenti, we believe that meals are a big part to a happy and healthy life. Everybody deserves to have a choice so we prepare fresh and tasty meals to suit most taste buds. 

Our Team is extremely proud of our dining experience that we bring to our residents every day.

Servizi Additional Services

Servizi services are designed to give the resident the opportunities that they had when living at home coupled with the care and support they need to enjoy every aspect safely and with dignity. Residents, under the Servizi program, will enjoy choice and range in addition to the Vacenti lifestyle program. 

Residents will have choice whether to opt into pre-programmed packages or select activities that interest them. Servizi offers the resident companionship between peers and staff under their terms.