Servizi gives the resident and family peace of mind that their days can be as full as they want them to be.

Servizi services are designed to give the resident the opportunities that they had when living at home coupled with the care and support they need to enjoy every aspect safely and with dignity. Residents, under the Servizi program, will enjoy choice and range in addition to the Vacenti lifestyle program. Residents will have choice whether to opt into pre-programmed packages or select activities that interest them. Servizi offers the resident companionship between peers and staff under their terms.

There’s an abundance of choice. Our Luxury inclusions listed below come as standard, automatically giving you a higher level of luxury, you won’t find anywhere else. For even greater flexibility simply pick and choose which inclusions matter most to you. You will also have priority access to your very own Concierge based within your home.

  • Welcome & Birthday Gifts
  • Dedicated Concierge
  • Smart TV
  • Hot Breakfasts and in-house cooked meal choices

Heath and Wellbeing is perfect for those seeking additional companionship  and personal growth. The offering covers Mind, Body and a little bit of Soul. Learn to paint, enjoy the company of peers at the Hair Salon, get a massage or just have the one on one time together doing what you want to do. The package also offers dedicated time per month for the resident and residents loved ones to talk through the guilt and grief associated with Aged Care entry. 

  • Hair Service
  • Aromatherapy Services
  • Alternative Therapy
  • Companion Service
  • Gym and pool programs
  • Massage 
  • Essere Sano

You will be given your own smart tablet to access all your favourite games and apps as well as a medium to contact loved ones via face to face digital links. 

You will also have an exclusive ticket once a month to our Servizi Happy hour which will boast quality entertainment, drinks and food. 

  • Foxtel
  • Smart Tablet
  • Newspaper
  • Happy Hours
  • Silver Memories plus app

Picture yourself at the best table – in the finest restaurant – at the heart of our beautiful city. Have a drink of the finest coffee, High Teas and sneaky Apertif Cart making its way around to you, make your choice, sit back, relax, and anticipate the exquisite array of the most appetising colours, textures, aromas and tastes that you could ever experience.

  • High Tea
  • Apertif Cart
  • Free Coffee
  • Fridge
  • A La Carte

These services will include everything from organised Shopping trips complete with lunch provided, care staff on hand and transport to theatre and sporting events. Those coming into our residences we book and organise removalists to take the stress out of this task, even order groceries via your favourite major grocery chain.  

  • Movie Nights
  • Tray Service
  • Furniture purchase
  • Removalists
  • Monthly shopping Trip
  • Enhanced clean
  • Terrace Garden Care
  • Paro Therapy
  • Specialised Clinical Equipment

We provide peace of mind to Families & Residents when a little extra help or support is needed.

At Vacenti we understand that everyone needs a helping hand sometime.
In addition to our residences’ current care needs we have a Companion Service as part of our Health and Wellbeing Servizi package or as an extra pay as you need.
While many may enjoy their independence we understand there comes a time where additional assistance may be required. For example a simple ride to the GP, ordering groceries or paying bills can be an obstacle when family or friends live so far away.
Our companion care service options are flexible and customizable according to your needs and situation, as part of our personalized approach.

Servizi Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what services I have?

During the admission process you may have selected a package option to start your Aged Care journey. On your resident agreement the services offered will be itemised under the additional service annexure. There will also be a resident portal where you can, at any stage, log in and check on current package/s and add or authorise for additional services. You can also check in your Home concierge as they will have access to what services you have opted for. Finally, your monthly statement will have indicated what package you currently have in place.

How do I check that services have been given?

Within the portal you will have the ability to check what services have been rendered during the month and what is yet to come. Your Servizi concierge will also be able to update you as to what services have been given. All events will require a RSVP and must have be authorized by the resident or EPOA, this will also be recorded for portal access.

What if I can't participate or no longer use services?

If you can no longer participate in services you have the choice to have the additional service substituted. An example of this-you can no longer leave the Home you may opt for more Companion hours to keep the resident company one on one.

Who is my contact for the program?

Each Home has a designated Servizi concierge. The concierge will be introduced to you either on initial tour of Home, day of admission or during first week. They will be available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.

Can my (Partner/Daughter/Son/Friend/Family member) join me with activity?

Yes absolutely. In fact, we encourage this as we are providing the support so all parties can enjoy the outing as they did in the past. Our care staff will take care of doing the toilet run and transport amongst other things. Your job is to enjoy the outing with your loved one. For those couples separated by Aged Care entry we provide the above so you can enjoy your outing as a couple.

What can I expect on an outing?

You can expect that all the little details have been taken care of. For outings at restaurants etc we have already prepped the chef and venue. We will get you there and back to the Home. We will take care of all payments which will be itemised on your Vacenti monthly billing. We will ensure that medication is taken when it should be. Bathroom breaks are done ensuring dignity for the resident.


If you would like to order any of our Servizi services or have any questions there are many ways to do so: 

Call : 07 3422 9300 
email : 

Alternatively you are welcome to fill out the form below for any services you are interested in and one of our Servizi Concierge Team members will be in contact with you shortly.


The photos are from events and outings organised by our Servizi Concierges and attended by Residents. Outings are organised monthly, on a daily fee or as a one-time experience. Family is welcome to attend as a guest, not a carer. A touch of luxury, enhancing the experience at Vacenti.