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Servizi Premium Services

Back in June, we highlighted our Servizi Premium Services across social media to explain the service and the benefits associated with the programs and activities provided. Events included the Monet in Paris exhibit, Wine and Dine events at the Waterloo Hotel, Boucher French Bistro, The Courthouse Restaurant Cleveland, and a Food and Fun event at Wynnum Manly Leagues Club. It certainly was a busy month for our Servizi teams, and we are taking the time today to explain the benefits of premium services and why they are so important to the quality of life for our residents.

Servizi Premium Services allows for one-time experiences and special outings that residents would have experienced at home in their normal social settings. From dinner out with friends, and outings to special events to one-on-one time with a Servizi Assistant. Our companion services are a dedicated time for the resident to do something that makes them happy, whether it is a shopping trip, playing a puzzle or taking a walk. It is the Resident’s choice and vital to a resident’s wellbeing.

Something as simple as access to Foxtel channels offered on Servizi services, allows residents to rediscover old favourite TV shows which bring back wonderful memories or find new movies and content to engage with. There are also channels about the things they love, or interests and they can continue following their favourite sports or activities. There is something for everyone, especially during isolation periods such as having a COVID-19 infection.

Other services include massage therapy to stimulate muscles and relieve pain, a beauty treatment such as a haircut or new hairstyle and having nails painted. Active minds apply the appropriate stimuli to achieve desired outcomes, daily coffee and cake encourage a trip to the café to socialise and connect with fellow residents and staff. Special events such as a theatre trip, fishing trip or sports event can be organised, and some Residents have enjoyed a day at the movies.

Companion services available as a daily fee or one-time experience are a priceless service benefitting residents, and their wellbeing is the focus. Precious one-on-one time assists with mental and emotional health and supports with maintaining independence and normality. Cultivating friendships and services provided have facilitated the transition into Residential aged care. Not only beneficial for newer residents settling in but long-term residents who are looking for extra support to maintain autonomy.

The Active Minds format is based on an evidence-based, non-drug, group therapy approach known as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). Proving that laughter really is the best medicine, Active Minds is a fun-filled hour designed to stimulate the brain, releasing feel-good hormones, and providing participants with a sense of achievement as they master various challenges. Recent studies show CST can improve a person’s quality of life, including people living with mild to moderate dementia.

Servizi Premium Services is a user-pay service that allows for further enhanced normality and choice. The benefits of taking advantage of the extra services include building confidence and relationships with peers. It makes new residents feel at home and gives access to normal activities residents would have enjoyed at home. Speak with your concierge today about signing on to Servizi Premium Services.