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Companion Service by Premium Services

Our companion services are a dedicated time for the resident to do something that makes them happy, whether it is a shopping trip, playing a puzzle or taking a walk. It is the Resident’s choice and vital to a resident’s wellbeing. Precious one-on-one time assists with mental and emotional health and supports with maintaining independence and normality. Cultivating friendships and services provided have facilitated the transition into residential aged care. It is beneficial not only for newer residents settling in but long-term residents looking for extra support to maintain autonomy.

Residents who stay with us on a respite package can be assured that our experienced Servizi Team are dedicated to the transition process and through companion service this step is the best it can be. Dedicated 1:1 visits offer a personal welcome, assistance with socialisation and enhanced emotional wellbeing. We encourage cognitive, physical and social engagement during each visit to enhance independence. Our trained Servizi Assistants are skilled at engaging residents in various activities including music, gentle exercise, beauty therapy, cooking, arts and crafts, games and gardening.