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Vacenti COVID-19 – as of 13th January 2022

Information as at Thursday 13th January 2022

We currently have 3 Homes under infection control lockdown. Esida/Esida Lodge, Portofino and Sylvan Woods. The later we are hopeful in lifting restrictions in the coming 24 to 48 hours, as no resident infections have been found and no symptoms reported.
You may or may not have recently read an article in the Australian stating the Esida and Esida Lodge was the worst hit Home in Queensland during this latest outbreak. We have requested that article be retracted as it is false and misleading, boarding on lazy journalism. Our Esida portion on the property have had residents who have tested positive to Covid-19 with first positive resident as a result of a family visit. Esida Lodge at the time of reporting was infection free.  These stories of interest do nothing more than promote fear. We have been communicating daily to Esida, Esida Lodge and Portofino residents and resident representatives with  updates of current status of the Home, next steps and how we are placed for PPE and staff.
Our general stores of PPE stock is holding up well and we have received a supply of Rapid Antigen Test kits for Esida from the National Stockpile. Unfortunately we are stilling waiting supply of these tests for our other homes. We have independently sourced from 2 suppliers stocks and these are expected to arrive at the earliest now Friday of this week.
Staffing, like all industries, has been a challenge across the group. We have seen approximately 20% at any one time stood down due to isolation protocols of either positive COVID case and or close contact. A positive that we are seeing is that this is not getting any worse. Staff who were off sick earlier in the year are now returning to work. We have been supplied with a return to work matrix by the Department of Health which clearly outlines the process of return to work. Please be assured that all staff working within the Homes have been issued correct and adequate PPE for the conditions of the Home and their circumstances.  For example a staff member returning to work post being Covid positive, following their isolation period and being asymptomatic, is in full PPE attire for 7 days post return to work. This practise has been adopted across the entire health network including hospitals.
We are continuing to work in fast tracking additional support to residents in lockdown and during these times where social distancing is so very vital. Additional communications will come out explaining these products and how they can assist in isolation and wellness of the resident.
Finally I want to personally thank each resident, resident family member and our wonderful team for the work done and support given. We have seen many examples of family members dropping off gifts for staff, volunteering to cut up sandwiches for residents within the Home or just kind words of support.  We understand that it can be frustrating and we would love to see everything return back to normal, the reality is we are dealing with changes day to day. Please consider that our staff are doing the best job they can. Any form of verbal abuse won’t be tolerated and if directions are given in relation to safety of everyone involved, we expect that they be taken seriously. We are in this together and we all have the residents best interest at heart.